How long has Toshniwal Sensing Devices been providing gas sensors in India?

Our company has been in the business of providing gas sensor in India for more than three decades. We are a driving force in today’s sensor industry and also deal with temperature sensors, instruments and more.

What is your policy about meeting client timelines?

Toshniwal Sensing Devices works closely with each client to understand specific needs and meet specific goals and timelines. Because of our long history and wide reach within the industry, we can call in the resources necessary to meet almost any schedule and always deliver within the prescribed time frame.

How far back does your company’s history go?

Toshniwal Sensing Devices did not start with making gas sensors in India. Our manufacturing history dates to 1959 when the company Toshniwal Instruments was founded. The late Dr. G.R. Toshniwal, D.Sc. was a renown scientist who worked to bring high technology to everyday life. After Indian independence, the company played a large role in upgrading industrial technology, setting up new infrastructure and creating research, development and production facilities in India.

When was the present company incorporated? 

Toshniwal Sensing Devices Private Limited was incorporated in Ajmer, India in 1984 and quickly became a leading supplier of variety of Instruments and sensors in India. 

Who established Toshniwal Sensing Devices Private Limited?

The company was established at Ajmer, India by Mahesh Toshniwal and Rajesh Toshniwal, the grandsons of the late Dr. G.R.Toshniwal, who founded the Toshniwal Group.