Vibration Data Management System

Vibration Data Management System

Vibration Data Management System

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MK-210HE II Vibration Data Management System MAINTE PRO®

Pursuit of superior operability and visibility, and harmonization with a network, this next-generation diagnostic tool enables machines to be diagnosed more effectively.

Only one instrument is required for patrol inspections.
This instrument improves the efficiency of inspection work because only one tool can handle all data gathering during patrol inspections, including temperature measurements, vibration data management and on-site indicators.
You can determine maintenance actions on-site.
Maintenance staff can determine maintenance actions on-site because analysis of the causes of abnormal vibrations is automatically performed simply by inputting device specifications.
The high-resolution display is easy to read.
The instrument displays color-coded results of the diagnosis and inspection. The high-resolution window display ensures high visibility.
Robust design ensures durability and weather resistance
Robust construction makes this unit impervious to dusty factory environments. What's more, the instrument is operable even in the rain.

Precision Diagnosis Functions

MK-210HE II can detect:

Bearings Damage to inner race, outer race and balls; defect with retainer
Gears Single-side contact, shaft center misalignment, tooth wear, defaced teeth, local defects
Mechanisms Imbalance, misalignment, bent shafts, insufficient rack rigidity, shaft wear, play/looseness, misalignment on installation
Motors High-frequency vibrations, electromagnetic unbalance


Main power source Rechargeable battery (lithium-ion battery)
AC Power Supply Adapter (100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz)
Continuous operation time 5 hours minimum (with no backlight use)
Charging time About 1 hour to full recharge
Enclosure robustness Dust-resistant and water-resistant construction (compatible to IP66)
Operating temperature range 0 to 50°C(90%RH,condensation-free)
Storage temperature range -10 to 60°C(90%RH,condensation-free)
Dimensions 97 x 170 x 50(W x D x H)mm
Weight 550g(main body + rechargeable battery)

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